15 Statements To Speak While Battling Grief

15 Statements to Speak While Battling Grief

Grief comes in many different colors, sizes, and situations. Pain doesn’t only come from someone dying, grief can come from a divorce, friendship ending, job loss, or even from weight loss. (unsure if I would grieve about wait lost, I could stand a few pounds, to disappear, lol). Grief can come from the loss of anything or anyone.

15 Statements to Speak While Battling Grief

symptoms of grief

The weight of sadness will cause you to mourn, suffer, hurt, bleed, and blame.

Grief is a strong heartache and an overwhelming emotional feeling that can distract you from the plans of God, (if we don’t admit that we are hurting).

The bible also says that God is our strength.

Being, that God is our strength, grief does not have the authority to control us nor keep us bound.

In 2016 I buried my husband; but the only advantage I had to continue being a good mother was the strength of God and the words that I spoke over my life ~ Tonya

So, I understand grief is sooooo real!

Grief does come, but when it happens, what do you do with it? How do you get to the other side of heartache?

Paul tells us to encourage ourselves.

I have listed 15 affirmations that you should speak over your life as you force yourself out of bed, as you cry as you are walking through a devastating breakup, as you bury your mother or your child, tell yourself the truth;

Proverbs 16:24
Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Truth is;

  • It’s not my fault. When we lose, we think it’s our fault. It’s not your fault!
  • I am loved. When they move on, we think we are unlovable. I love you!
  • I do deserve greatness. When multiple things die, we feel like we don’t deserve the goodness of the Lord. The virtue of the Lord is in your life!
  • I am sad, but joy comes in the morning. It seems like this pain will never end. Your pain has a period!
  • I am alive. When they die, we die. When they leave, we leave our current purpose. Yes, you are alive, and because you are, God has a plan for you!
  • I am blessed. Loss makes you feel as if you aren’t blessed. That’s a lie, and you are blessed!
  • I have a long life. Grief will cause us to question our life span. Don’t walk in fear of death; walk in a knowing of everlasting life.
  • There is no sickness in my body. NOW or EVER!
  • Losing is not my story. Periodt!
  • I am an overcomer. Death will make you feel like you will always bleed emotionally. You will overcome this pain!
  • I am worthy. Losing makes you feel like you are unworthy. You are worthy because He is Worthy. No matter what happens, no matter what losses you may experience, you are still worthy and needed!
  • I am because He is. Sorrow will make you feel as if you aren’t made in the image of Christ. You are the image of Christ!
  • Jesus wept for me. We think that we are crying alone when tragedy hits, but the Lord is weeping for you!
  • God is holding me close. When it seems as if you are left all alone, God is saying He is your comforter!
  • I can make it through this. Grief will make you feel as if you are weak, but that is okay, because when we are weak, God is strong, and YOU will make it through!

Speak these in the mirror, three times a day, for seven days, and I pray that the overwhelming pressure that comes because of grief, will not overtake you!  

If you are considering suicidal, if you can’t stop crying or you can’t get out of a daze of negative thinking,


I need you; someone needs you to survive and then help them survive.



  NIV – New International Version

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  1. Amen!and with all that spoken from a strong and positive warrior! Let me say yesssssss, GOD IS!

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