I Am Worthy


8 Building Blocks to Restore Your Self-Worth After Abuse and Trauma By Tonya Renee ShawAre you WORTHY? Of course, you are but, IT TAKES STRATEGY TO TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS Your WORTHINESS is yours!


Are you ready to face the truth of your now? Are you ready to discover your worthiness after the rape? Are you ready to walk through and forgive your abuser? Are you ready to overcome worthless thoughts? Are you ready to forgive yourself? Are you ready to find out what God has to say about you? Are you ready to find out what you mean to Jesus Christ? In I Am Worthy, author Tonya Renee Shaw reveals practical steps and techniques that will enable you to destroy the root cause of those unworthy emotions that have held you fighting against your destiny. Tonya has developed an interactive self-help book to guide you through the darkest seasons of your life and restore your self-worth. This Self-Help Book, • Explains how to dig deep within your emotions to destroy the root cause of your current thinking patterns. • Teaches how to acknowledge and identify areas of your life where you feel worthless with the direction to overcome. • Illustrates the power, love, and strength of Jesus Christ through acceptance and counsel. • Encourages readers to operate in forgiveness, so they may walk in worthiness. • Demonstrates practical ways to receive and release love after abuse and trauma. • Provides interactive lessons to help the reader understand the power of affirmation. • Proves that no matter what happens in your life, YOU ARE WORTHY!

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