Irrevocable Relief

HELP ME, Lord, this pain is overwhelming; this is what we say in private because we can not vent in public.

You are too strong to cry!

I wish my life were half that yours is!

What are you complaining about? He is incredible for you! Your parents raised you! Girl, you married, and I am single!

These are things that we are told;

So we hide.

There are things that we all hide from, sometimes we hide from ourselves, others and our purpose. We have hidden for so long that we have a difficult time connecting with who we are, an even harder time explaining who we are in Christ. We have worn a mask for so long it has become a hindrance to our healing. The great thing about God He birthed us into this world with a powerful identity, and He gave us dominion. Unfortunately, if you are anything like me we have spent the majority of our former lives in the position of who we are not. In the place of being afraid, walking away from a marriage, unforgiveness, giving into suicidal thoughts, infertile because we lack confidence or feeding an unworthy feeling. When we hide we allow these negative things to have dominion over us which causes a hindrance to who God has called us to be. 

I understand life happens, my life happened, your life happened. We lost a loved one, someone told us that we were not good enough, our spouses left, our children judge your parenting styles, church criticized our lifestyle, whatever it maybe we find ourselves often trying to cover up our secret pains with momentarily pain relievers. This type of relief often comes in the form of overeating, which we become hungry again. Overworking, which we still struggle because we have not made the Lord our provider. It also comes in the form of drugs, drinking, partying, or even anger works as an opportunity to give us momentary relief.

That was me, drowning in pain relievers because the pain I felt inside was so deep that I covered it up well. I could walk into a group of people who claimed me to be so strong, and when I went back home, there was a battle in me. I know you have felt that way before. You have thought that the enemy had control over your life. You have thought that you were birthed to be alone because they left behind. You felt like you were unworthy. You felt devalued and overlooked.

The enemy has lied and will continue to lie.

You are not alone, God is with you, and for what it is worth, so am I. I am praying for you.

You are worthy. You are valuable.

Maybe you do not feel worthy as you are reading this, and it can be challenging to admit you are hurting, scared, and less than what everyone expects of you.

The fact is; When you hide your pain, you hinder your future. You become afraid to soar, to admit or commit because of that dark place in the pit of your heart.

I am a witness as you come out of your hiding place, remove your mask, and speak your hurting truth; YOU will start receiving an irrevocable relief, a relief that only Jesus can provide. Anything other than Jesus is revocable.

I would suggest that you confess to Him about all your deep hurts, you don’t have to do this openly, you can do this privately. Tell Him all about your troubles, as the older saints would sing. I never understood when I was just a child, but now I understand. We are His children, and we are in right standing with Him, and He cares for us. He cares about your heart, He cares about you. And He wants to hear from you, so that you may receive a permanent relief.


Speaking life(Power in your mouth) Reading life(Word of God). Being life(You are the light) so that you may walk in your worth.

Only Jesus can deliver you from hiding running to momentraily relief.

He is the God of irrevocable relief.

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  1. You are becoming the butterfly. You are breaking out of your cocoon. I see your wings! Now soar in Him.Love you to life!

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