5 Ways to Eliminate the Feelings of Shame

Feeling Shameful

The feeling of shame is one of the weakest arms of a powerless devil.

First off, let us be clear; shame is not an action word; it is a verb. Shame is a described feeling, although feeling shameful will cause you to act in a certain way that you would not frequently.

The significant fact is you have control over how you feel.

Choose well. Be well.

Choose happiness. Be happy.

Choose forgiveness; Forgive.

Choose everlasting life, Live in Christ.

Vice versa

Think Negative …. I think you understand; think it – get it

Many different life experiences will cause you to fall into a state of feeling shameful and embarrassed. Embarrassed for being rejected, caught in a lie, divorced, or even for being abused. These are significant reasons for feeling like you would like to crawl under a rock and hide for a few years until the heat is off of you.

(believe me, the temperature is always going to be on someone) because people have a hard time minding their OWN business.

And that’s okay; today, no matter who mind YO business, YOU will not submit to shame.

These five ways will confuse the enemy when he tries to condemn you: Feeling Shameful?


Forgive yourself. Shame is the internal condemnation; no one really knows that you feel shameful unless you tell them. They may assume because of your actions or because of the situation because but no one knows how you truly feel. Only you! So only YOU can be free from shame, by first FORGIVING yourself for WHATEVER is making you feel shameful. We all have done things that we regret. We have walked into rooms that we reject. We have married and regretted it. We have lied, and now we regret it. SO WHAT? You can still walk in freedom today, by forgiving yourself, and repentance (turn from things that make us feel shameful) you aren’t the only one that has felt shame. Feeling shameful isn’t the scary part; the scary part is what you do when this feeling has encamped you. Forgive yourself, and cut yourself some slack.


Forgive your intruder. Forgive those who lied to you, lied to you and made you the blame for the negative results. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that you can use against the enemy. The bible tells us in Matthew 4 to forgive our enemy and pray for them. That sounds unfair, right? But, God will show you how to walk in freedom from shame through forgiveness. (Try it) Forgive you! Forgive them!


Admit your truth. You are never truly free until you admit that you were once bound. As for me, I stayed in an abusive relationship for many years, ignoring the fact that I was being abused. It wasn’t until I told myself, “Tonya, this is abuse!” that I decided that I deserved better.

You deserve better,

better than walking around, feeling ashamed of YOU, or YOUR actions or the actions of OTHERS. But you have to admit your truth, so that you can correct your conscience thinking and walk into wholeness.


Cry Only For A Moment. Don’t allow the feelings of shame to keep you in a place of sorrow. This year I called a friend of mine, just crying and crying and crying (she never said a word) I went on and on about how I was feeling, the things that I lost, the things I walked away from, and what am I supposed to do now (listen, I am not just writing a blog, I am writing with experience, with the hopes that you will fight your way out as I did), when I finished my friend calmly said, “okay, so today you can cry but tomorrow the crying stops.” I thought to myself, did she hear anything that I just said. But, she taught me a precious lesson; shame only has control over you when you allow the haunting to outweigh your next.

Weeping only endure for a night, but joy and freedom come in the morning after that good ole cry.

Don’t reject your next tending to your sorrows of now!


Try Again. Simple Step! Love again. Laugh again. Forgive again. Marry again. Write again. And if a mistake happens and you feel shame, TRY IT AGAIN!

Life is not perfect; how we respond isn’t always perfect either! Nothing is perfect! So do not allow feelings of shame to destroy your future!

Love you a whole, LOTS!

KJV King James Version

One thought on “5 Ways to Eliminate the Feelings of Shame

  1. Amen! I could enter into that past life of shame, right now! BUT GOD! I DARE NOT! That whole haphazard life long series has been cast into unknown places where I don’t even care! As Jesus said in one of his parables: If you have Shame of me (Jesus) you then have Shame of him (GOD) whom sent me.(Jesus). So thank you Daughter for your still yet most encouraging words of of power and Inspiring views! Thank You and love you most! Stay Encouraged and blessed. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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