Day 7 – God Is In Control

Day 7

God Is In Control

And he said, Peace be to you, fear not: your God, and the God of your father, hath given you treasure in your sacks: I had your money. And he brought Simeon out unto them

Genesis 43:23 KJV   


Why fear? We fear because we battle with giving God complete control over our lives and our daily situations. Out of our mouths, “for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” But what do you do when serving Him gets tough! When the world is under an attack with a virus. When life takes a turn for the worst for our children! When our marriages are back against the wall! When our jobs lay us off! When we cant, leave our homes!

What do you say when; the whole world is battling with a crisis, do you still hold your head up and say God is in control, no matter what!

2020 will be one of the greatest history stories told. After all, we will see the manifestation of the Glory of God. This epidemic will bring families closer. Build stronger friendships. Develop healthier marriages. Expose satanic activities. Separate the wheat from the tares. We are taking the church outside. Repentance of sins. Revealing the Love of God. Destroying fear!

YES, as sad as it sounds, there will be a lot of loss, but what will you gain. With every loss, there is a win.

No doubt, God Is In Control!

 We believe in Him alone.

Life will try and make you fear and doubt the hand of God. There have been situations where I was afraid in the moment and not believing God had it all under control—not knowing that He had already placed treasures in my sack. I was working a lot of overtime, and I based my living style off the overtime, and one day my employer cut off all the overtime, and I was so upset. I even blamed God because I could no longer pay all my bills and live an above-average life. I wanted to have control over my life, my finances, and my relationships, and because God is a gentleman, He let me control my life. So sweet! So, you thought, I lost everything within a year, but even in the losing, He had storage. When you are facing difficulties, look to God so that you have the power to relax!

No matter what happens, God is still in control.

Think of a time when you should have died, and God kept you.

Think of a time when your love one died, and God comforted you.

Think of a time when you made a wrong decision, and you should be in jail, but God.

Think of a time where you should have lost your mind, and He kept you in perfect peace.

Think about the last time you did not have enough to pay your bill, and He made a way.

Why are we afraid now! He is the same God yesterday, today, and always! He is protecting you when you cannot see it.

When God has control over your life, you make fewer mistakes and function in the heart of forgiveness.

Fear NOT! Relax and Trust God!

Prayer: Father, You are in control. I bless your Holy name. All power belongs to You. God, without You, I am weak. Without You, I fall to fear. But, God, I know with you I can do all things. Lord help me not to walk in fear or with fear. Help me to lead the way for my family unto Your covering with faith. Lord, give me strategies to process a hope more prominent than a mustard seed. Lord, because You have it under control, give me the strength to start walking in the purpose that you have called me to walk into during this epidemic. Lord, I thank you because you are a good Father, and I praise your Holy name. In Jesus Name Amen!

Thank you for taking this seven-day journey with me!

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