Day 6 – Trust Him

Day 6

Trust Him

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight

Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT

We often find ourselves trying to move and function within our own understanding. We disregard the things of God because we do not understand Him. We will never fully understand the thoughts or plans of God. We have to trust Him at His word.

We cannot trust Him at His word if we do not know what His Word says. The concept of over 100 plus scriptures teaches us not to be afraid, and the scriptures show us that FEAR-LESS is your portion. Faith, Hope, and Peace is your portion when you trust in the Lord. The Writer. The Creator. The Builder He will show you your path. TRUST Him

I purchased a new juicer, and I was extremely excited because I had in my heart that I would start on a healthy juicing lifestyle. This juicer came with instructions, but I disregarded the directions because this was not the first juicer that I had owned. I figured I would go with my understanding of putting the juicer together. I put the juicer together piece by piece, so proud of myself. The next day I was starving after an early morning workout and went to make my greens, banana, and apple juice. I prepared all of my ingredients and placed them in my mixing cup with the ice and organic coconut water, based on my understanding, everything was together correctly. When I went to hit the start button, at first, it did not start.

I stood there with a face of confusion. I started pushing all the different buttons on the juicer. I was getting frustrated because I just believed I did everything correctly without reading the directions. At that moment, this juicer should have been working. Instead, the juicier started smoking, contaminating all my ingredients with the smell and taste of smoke.

In my anger,

I started looking for the directions that I had previously disregarded due to my own understanding. Some situations will force you to look at the instructions and trust the instructor.   

Your own understanding will contaminate you and make you start over and over again and never truly getting it right until you decide to depend on the instructions within the Word of God.  He will show you the path.

My understanding led me to destroy a perfectly good blender. I realized that I had forgotten to add the safety tips on the juicer, but I also bent the blade while installing. I had to order parts and rebuild trusting the Builder.

I know I am referring to my juicer, but when you lean to your own understanding, things in your life will become contaminated.

The world is functioning as a juicer that needs to be torn down and rebuilt. In a moment of a crisis, embrace the rebuilding that is happening within you.

Trust the Lord, and He will direct your path. He will show you what piece goes where. He will determine the buttons that you should push.

Beyond a blender, do not do things your way.

Prayer: Father, please forgive me and show me your instructions so that I may have the heart of David. I will trust you in hard times. Lord, help me to forgive myself that I may lean unto you in everything that I do. God tear down everything that is not like Christ. Lord, I praise your Holy name. In Jesus Name Amen

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