Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

It is very important that we

break / destroy / teardown

barriers in order for

                        those moments of despair not to destroy us or bury us

I believe it is highly important to understand that these days we will have trouble, but the trouble is not designed to break or bind us. Bad days are not meant to build barriers nor kill us. The enemy is after you to kill you; NO SURPRISE, the enemy IS after you, he IS trying to kill you. Even in your thoughts, the enemy has a plan in place to prevent you from thinking the thoughts of how God created you. God created you in His image. God created you with purpose in mind. That is why you are unique.

That is why it is purposeful to break all barriers that are in place to prevent you from becoming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.


a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.

If you are experiencing any of these traits you have barriers that need destroyed:

  • Are you expecting affirmation from anyone else other than Jesus Christ?

Listen, I AGREE; it would be nice to be celebrated by those that are close to you. It would make you smile if your family and friends supported you. YEP, I was there I wanted those who seen me through my hard times, support me while God is literally changing my life before their eyes. YEP, I wanted to make them proud and in return they would tell me good job.

                                                The Bible tells us in Galatians 1:10 if we try to please man, we would not be a servant of God.

God is the one that affirms us. His affirmations hold weight.

When we wait on affirmations from mere men, we hold the weight, a weight that we weren’t meant to carry. We create a barrier that blocks us from fulfilling our destiny – because we are waiting on affirmations – O’ girl you are doing a good job, it’s great but it will only take you so far. You have to get to a place in your thoughts that only what God says about you will last. You have to break away from expecting to receive the words from people for your life. When I started my entrepreneur journey, someone told me your biggest supporters were the people outside your circle. I would not accept that, but as I continued down my journey, I realized that they were right, my supports came from people I did not know. I learned that God was sending others to support His plan because He called and affirmed me to step out into entrepreneurship. God is the One that has called you to step out into YOUR purpose. IT’S ALL GOD! – Breaking Barriers –

  • Are you walking with your head down?

My father would scream VERY loud at me when I would walk around with my head down. He would say. ‘what is wrong with you, PICK YOUR HEAD UP.” I used to think he was just being mean, but in reality, he was developing a confidence within me. A confidence that stated I was enough, and he wanted me to be proud of myself.

Pick YOUR head up!

You are ENOUGH!


Consider your posture: Your confidence flows through your posture. If you are walking with your head down because of you are ashamed of your life trials, your confidence is flowing straight to the ground.

Having a lack of confidence will create barriers that you will not even notice. These barriers will try and hold the true fact that you are battling a little within.

This one simple gesture


will began to destroy the barrier that makes you feel as if you are not enough.

– Breaking Barriers –

  • Are you telling yourself that you don’t belong in the room?

She leaned over and said, it’s going to be okay, you belong here. As I lifted my head and smiled but wondering how she got that from me.

Perhaps it was my demeanor.

Maybe my lack of engagement.

Could have been the full plate of food that I never touched.

Who knows? But you are the only one telling yourself that you do not belong in the room –

      Fidgeting with your hair.

      Won’t engage with the others at the table.

Answering every inbox message on your phone, YES (you start answering those messages that has been in your inbox for years).

You only look up for five seconds to give a fake smile to hide.

You are not hiding! You are actually feeling unworthy but listen clearly

if you didn’t belong at the table all the seats would have been taken – that’s my three cents, lol.

You have to change the way you think about a situation, If the Lord has placed you in a room with people you admire, the Lord is trying to show you YOUR NEXT. You can’t receive your NEXT if you don’t believe you belong in your NOW.

            This barrier MUST be broken to step into your purpose without doubt that God does everything for a reason – His Reasons – His Plan – His Purpose


These 3 barriers are critical to your destiny. Examine your life and make the necessary changes to fulfill the plans of God for your life.

Here are a few things to consider: Breaking Barriers

  • Think about the words that are coming from your mouth!
  • Think about the thoughts that are coming from your heart!
  • Think about the places that you have had the honor of entering!

Use your thoughts to Break Barriers

I want the best for you NOW and for your NEXT!

Remember, I am praying for you TODAY and ALWAYS!

– Breaking Barriers –

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