7 Ways to Teach Your Children to Walk In Confidence

7 Ways to Teach Your Children to Walk in Confidence

OUR children are our future.

MY children are your future.

YOUR children are my future.

While the world has shut down, we are still at home, being the parent, teacher, cook, spouse, friend, and the list continues. This is a great time to pour into your children’s worthiness. Although the world may be on pause, we are still held responsible for how we raise our children.

The best scripture, I am sure we all have pulled on before; Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they depart, they will never forget the wisdom and love that you poured into them.

Here is another way to approach it; when you build your child up in worthiness and confidence, the world will not be able to override their positivity with who they are not.

I have come up with 7 ways to teach your children to walk in confidence, one because I love all of you, two because I have 6 kids of my own, and I battled with unworthiness for many years.

When I resided in Ohio a few years back, I would have my children (boys and girls) stand in the middle of the living room with their backs up against each other, and I would have them say 6 worthy things about each other.


You are nice.

You are fun to be around.

I like your hair. I love you.

I appreciate you.

I am glad you are my brother.

You are the best sister.

I asked them to speak from the heart.

I placed them back-to-back because when they are backed up against adversity in life, I wanted them to understand the process of fighting and standing on the truth of their identity.

After they each took turns, I would have them face each other and repeat the same positive speaking and hug each other to say; you are loved!

Speak well.


They will be well.

7 Ways to teach your children to walk in confidence:

  1. Love them – no matter what, we all have made mistakes, none of us hit the perfection mark. Our children need to see that we love them and want the best for them, even if that means a little disciple.
  2. Talk to them, not at them – STOP yelling (that is hurting their confidence and making them feel unworthy.) STOP IT. I have one very talkative child, and before I realized the damage that I could cause her by saying, YOU TALK TO MUCH, that was very hurtful to her. One day she told momma I don’t know why I like talking so much but, I just love talking and understanding different things. I had to change my approach with her and allow her to express herself through talking. Taking on this stance with her, I have seen a difference in her level of confidence.
  3. Applaud them – for the same things, even if you expected more. (great job, baby girl, and I know next time that extraordinary will the highest A possible.) Tell them there are smart, beautiful, and can become anything that they wish to become.
  4. Affirm them – I am an affirmation girl; listen, I love it! I have found power in speaking over my own life with what God has said about me. Again, you do not want your children to go out into the world looking to be affirmed. I wrote scriptures and affirmations on my children’s mirrors in their rooms and created a wall in their room with positive says to increase their confidence and sense of worthiness within themselves.
  5. Exemplary – They are modeling you. They are watching you. The reaction you make towards life situations. The words that you speak over yourself, they will talk over themselves. Live your life in a worthy state, so your follows can operate in the power of confidence.
  6. Parent them – This is so important because children need parents. They need guidance. I grew up without a mother, and my father wasn’t really home, but I always wanted someone to care enough about me to parent me and not friend me. This gives children confidence because they know someone cares enough to stop and teach acceptable and unacceptable. Friends that will come.
  7. Appreciate them – They are not slaves; say thank you. Tell them that you appreciate them.

These came from my children; this is what continues to build their confidence.

Try it.

It is a great time to speak life when there is so much death.

Write us back lets us know what you think.

What do you do to build up your children’s confidence?

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Teach Your Children to Walk In Confidence

  1. Those are all good ways to instill confidence. One thing I’ve done since my child was able to read is write and place an encouraging and affirming note inside of her lunchbox.

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