15 Ways to Practice Self Care

Self Care – 15 Ways to Practice

Self care is vital! We are living in a very stressful time, and you must take care of yourself. Take care of your body, your thought life, and take care of your emotions.

When I was in college, my father would call me every week and say, “what did you do for yourself?” When I responded, nothing, I was too busy, my father would say, “girl, always make time for yourself, you work too hard, and you deserve it.”


deserve a break, and your body deserves attention also!

Self-care leads to higher self-esteem.

Self-care creates a place of peace.

Self-care develops a love for thyself.

Self-care helps to think healthy thoughts.

Everything self-care has to offer we need it.

I have created a list of 15 easy ways to improve your self-care.

Take A Walk – I love walking; walking allows your thoughts to flow. (bonus: you get a chance to walk off those calories)

DanceI dance (just for fun), dancing like the world is watching. (Positive energy brings positive results)

ExerciseGet pass the first week and it will feel refreshing. (A MUST!)

Take A NapRest your thoughts. Restore your body.

Read A BookRelax and Highlight. (highlighting helps me to understand better, unsure why, lol)

Take A BreakTake a load off. Put your feet up.

Drink WaterI love water! Not only does water help your skin, but it helps you to lose weight.  

Learn Something NewNew Recipe, New Activity, New Hobby. (Rock Climbing, not for me but try it and let me know)

Read YO BibleIt is some good stuff in here that will teach you how much God loves you.

Plan A Vacation Enjoy yourself looking at hotels, booking your flights, planning your events. (Get that passport, Y’all)

Listen to MusicMusic shifts the atmosphere.

Take A VacationAnd Relax. Seat by the ocean. Stay in bed.

Avoid TriggersIf they stress you out, don’t answer the phone.

Mind Your Own BusinessSeriously, it works, and it will get you from, comparison, which will prevent you from negative thinking about you.  

PrayAlways. Prayer will give you answers.

Take care of yourself for yourself. It is essential to have a love relationship with yourself. Take some time out for yourself.

NO kids!

NO spouse!

NO work!


It is not selfish.

It is not selfish.



It is a reminder that you are WORTH every minute to take care of yourself.

Choose You! A Better You! A Healthier Life!

Self Care Is Your Portion!

3 thoughts on “15 Ways to Practice Self Care

    1. I appreciate this post. I have a tendency to listen to the voice that screams, “produce, produce, and produce”. Thanks for the reminder to concentrate on ways to LOVE on me.

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